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We have put a lot of thought into breeds of sheep we keep and all are rare or native breeds, the organic flock of Lleyns are exceptional mothers and the ewes are not too large for ease of handling. We also have Jacobs, Whiteface Woodlands, Wiltshires and Herdwicks.

Each have their own quirks and excel at turning at variety of flora and fauna from conservation grazing into delicious tasting meat. What kind of Yorkshire lass would I be if I did not keep Whiteface Woodlands? They’re the only Yorkshire breed of sheep around today with sales of these sheep been recorded as far back as 1699.

Lamb is usually available from October to April.

Fresh lamb


Hogget is between one and two years, so are usually a little larger than lambs and also tend to be leaner than lamb. Demand is growing for this fabulous meat each year; the flavour is a little deeper than lamb but maintains all the tenderness.

Hogget is available all year round but tends to sell out fast with customers reserving them year on year. 

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We are increasingly being asked for Mutton, with notice try to oblige whenever possible.

How the Meat Arrives

Whenever possible I deliver the meat personally to your door and I happy to answer any questions you may have. The meat is vacpaced and labelled for you to enjoy immediately, refrigerate or freeze.

We butcher your lamb, hogget or mutton just how you want it.

Examples are:

  • Legs whole or halved or Leg Steaks and smaller leg Joint
  • Shoulders whole, or halved, or whole boned and rolled
  • Breast boned and rolled, or minced
  • Loin and rack as joints, or as chops

Cuts can you expect in a whole lamb/hogget/mutton box:

2 legs, 2 shoulders, 2 breasts, approx 26 chops, approx 4 rump steaks, stewing neck cuts, 2 kidneys, heart, liver.

Offal: We cannot guarantee to include heart/liver/kidney as it doesn’t always come back from the abattoir. Due to length the lamb/hogget/mutton the offal may have perished but we include it whenever possible.

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To say I'd never have horned cattle on farm has come to well and truly kick me up the backside as we have found Highland Cattle and Dexters suit our grazing methods best.

Highland and Dexter Beef

Highland and Dexter beef have a distinctive traditional beef flavour with marbling and enough fat cover to provide great flavour. Slowly reared conservation area they forage a vast array of fauna and flora. They are allowed to mature naturally and we believe this is the secret to producing superior beef that is unrivalled in both taste and texture. Grass fed beef has the added benefit of being low in cholesterol and fat, and high in omega 3 and iron.

A 10-kilo beef box contains approx:

  • 2-3 joints (from topside, silverside, brisket, rolled rib),
  • Sirloin, rump and fillet steak,
  • Stewing steak, chuck steak, shin and mince

£100 delivered

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